Organizational meeting for the learning seminar on bounded gaps between primes set for 05 Dec

For those interested, the organizational meeting for the learning seminars I am setting up to learn about Yitang Zhang’s proof that for H = 7 \times 10^7, there exist infinitely many primes p such that the set \{p, p + 2, \cdots, p+H\} contains at least two primes, has been set for 05 December at 2:30 PM in MC 5046. The flyer below gives some details about the event.

Further, I will update on this website on who’s giving talks, what talks will be given, and when they will be given.

Hope to see you there!

Learning seminar flyer

Update: The flyer has been updated to reflect the recent announcement of the result of James Maynard, and topics have been adjusted as well.


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