Maynard’s paper is available, plus new Terry Tao post

So as we head towards the organizational meeting in December, there is rapid-fire development on the problem of bounded gaps. As mentioned just a few days ago in a previous post (, James Maynard was able to obtain a substantial improvement in several directions. Firstly, Maynard was able to improve the current record for the bound on gaps substantially; down to H = 600. More importantly, Maynard demonstrated that one does not need to obtain a level of distribution (of primes) above 1/2 to obtain bounded gaps (Goldston, Pintz, and Yildirim proved that a level of distribution above 1/2 would imply bounded gaps, and Zhang did just that, but with some restrictions on the range of primes considered). Indeed, the main ‘work horse’ of Maynard’s argument is the Bombieri-Vinogradov theorem. Finally, Maynard was the first to obtain a finite bound for the gap p_{n+m} - p_n for m > 1.

Maynard’s paper can be found here:

Terry Tao’s blog post on the matter can be found here:


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